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US Bank Canna Merchant Accounts

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Digital Publishing’s Canna Merchant Account Lead Services
P.O. Box: 372306, Key Largo, Florida 33037
Main Office P: 305-741-7322 ~ E:

Hello Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Established Business Owners,
Are You In Need Of A U.S. Bank Backed Merchant Account That Can Legally Take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Pay Pal Payments On All Your Cannabis Transactions?… It Has Arrived…
We are a lead development team which represent a U.S. Bank that is offering Legal Merchant Accounts to the Cannabis Industry Nationwide that can Legally Take Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Pay Pal Payments On All Your Cannabis Transactions… We have the exclusive rights to the project... Up til now, the Cannabis Industry has not been allowed to do Credit and Debit Card Transactions... they actually had to go out of country to places like Ireland and pay phenomenal fees and rates at 8% to 11% and higher... Our system offers rates at 2.5% to 5%... your money is transferred in 72 hours or less.... and a state of the art POS System like no other that does your transactions as well as does payroll, stock reports, scheduling and so much more...
Please watch the You Tube video of the First Legal Cannabis Purchase with a Debit Card...
Got questions? Wanna get started creating a positive change in our Cannabis Industry from Local To National... Please give me a call and let's talk...

Thanks Much For Looking Into Our Canna Merchant Account Services…
Lead Rep: Chris Uhland
Digital Publishing Cannabis Merchant Lead Services
C: 305-896-3649
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