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There are two flights of stairs curling around the head-turning glass bong, all 24 feet of it. There also will be an elevator to ferry people from the ground floor — where the pipe’s 100-gallon reservoir sits — to the mouthpiece high above. It weighs
The storm destroyed most of the island's greenhouses last year, along with an entire crop of marijuana plants, costing the industry millions of dollars. Next week marks the grim anniversary of Hurricane Maria, which devastated Puerto Rico last year,
When it comes to cannabis, having leftover stems is just part of the package. Here’s how to use them. In this current era, saving some cash is more important than ever, especially when it comes to weed. And one hack for sticking to a budget is reusin
Brightfield Group, which has established itself as a thought leader in the CBD space, just announced projections for the hemp CBD industry to become a $5.7 billion market by next year, with a projection of growth by nearly 40x to $22 billion by 2022.
For those new to using cannabis, learning all the slang and scientific terms around the plant can be tough - but imagine how hard it'd be to learn "cannabinoid" if you couldn't hear at all? Dr. Regina Nelson, president of cannabis education nonprofit
Looking forward to relaxed hemp regulations, a new analysis estimates that the CBD market could explode - and outpace marijuana. For years, experts have predicted that if the cannabis industry expands at its current rate, the American market will rea
More than 3,000 decades-old warrants for low-level marijuana offenses were purged Wednesday. The bench warrants, dating back to 1978, were formally vacated by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance at a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court. “By dismissi
Creating a yoga program for everybody is easy, tree pose helps your balance, selecting a drishti, a focal point, while balancing on one grounded foot, with the other foot resting at calf or thigh height can improve your mental focus, m...
Here’s a bold prediction: in five to ten years, everyone will be using hash like a seasoning, sprinkling half-grams of full-melt into soups and stews, adding un-pressed cannabis trichomes to smoothies, sauces, and desserts … the sky’s the limit. Curr
Many people consider hemp seeds to be a superfood. The seeds have a rich nutritional profile and provide a range of health benefits. Although hemp seeds come from the Cannabis sativa plant, they do not produce a mind-altering effect. These small, bro
Jimmy Buffett, the singer, entrepreneur and Palm Beach resident who urged Florida residents to legalize medical marijuana, is getting into the weed business himself. Buffett will license his Coral Reefer brand to Surterra Holdings Inc. for a line of
“10 years from now, this is going to be a multi-billion dollar industry, and 20 years from now, people are going to be saying, ‘What was the big deal?’” said the president of the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council. All across the U.S., farmers are lo
A dilemma for Minnesotans: Canada's legalizing recreational marijuana in October. And in November, North Dakota voters will decide whether to follow suit. The neighbors are getting into the cannabis business. Canada’s legalizing recreational marijuan
Cannabis can help you get in the zone. Feel like taking your physical activities to the next level? Use some weed next time you work out. Before, after, during — they all have their places. Cannabis being the enhancement plant that it is, it’s no won
The Swiss government has backed easier access to medicinal cannabis, and even the right-wing Swiss People's Party, traditionally an advocate of total abstinence, seems to support making life easier for patients for whom it is proven the drug works. M
Product Review – We tested Hemp Supreme 6X CBD Oil last month and are impressed with the quality of the CBD oil. Just a couple drops helped us to feel better after 15 minutes, lasted a long time. We are working to improve access to the highest qualit...
Although most hotels continue to prohibit pot, a growing number of luxury establishments are offering lodgers a way to relax with the help of CBD. The popularity of CBD has skyrocketed over the past two decades, and luxury hotels across the country a
Utah Farmers now have the rules and regulations in place to grow industrial hemp. Lawmakers in this year’s legislative session passed two bills giving the Department of Agriculture and Food the task of organizing an industrial hemp program for local
OREGON: The OLCC is currently in rule making to address issues surrounding the processing of marijuana. The purpose of this meeting will be to review applicable building/fire codes and address other processor safety issues that have arisen within the
By David Rheins  OKLAHOMA: You know the winds of progress are blowing in your favor when you find yourself making plans to head to Oklahoma City for a cannabis festival. The Road to Oklahoma Hempfest begins this weekend, as the first of three events
"The VA, they just throw pills at you. When I started using cannabis, it was completely different. Now I participate in my life. I'm active. I actually care. It's a complete 180 now." It wasn't until years after she got out of the Navy that Elizabeth
Hope Wiseman says she is the youngest African-American dispensary owner in the country. A new medical cannabis dispensary has opened in Prince George’s County and one of its co-owners hopes the business will encourage more people like her to get in t
British Columbia Golf Association survey finds younger players plan to smoke weed. To puff or to putt — or both. That's the question facing golfers and businesses with a little over six weeks to go before marijuana is legalized on Oct. 17. Players, f
ISRAEL: Patients suffering from fibromyalgia frequently use cannabis to treat chronic pain and other symptoms of the disease, according to data published in the journal Pain Research and Treatment. Israeli researchers surveyed over 2,700 fibromyalgia
There is evidence that Anheuser-Busch is interested in selling THC-infused products. In fact, it is is investing in the essential infrastructure for such an endeavor. Almost all of the world's mega-brewers have weaseled their way into the legal canna

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