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Another message from another cannabis Facebook friend who hired another inept "social media" person. Remember that saying "Never trust a skinny chef!"? The same goes for social media. Before you hire someone, especially in the cannabis industry, ther...
Social media in the cannabis industry is hard as it is. Why make it harder by using hashtags on your company Page posts? We can't boost or buy ads for a lot of industry Pages. WHY would you want engagement to go down? Another reason why hashtags aren...
As always, I am prompted to write something when I see something done so poorly and unprofessionally on LinkedIn. Many times, I ask myself how some of these places are still in business. I get it. Not everyone has been a heavy social media user like ...
  If you are in the cannabis industry, you know that the major social networks don't like us. It's not just the networks, though, that cause accounts to be deleted. Rival dispensaries, edibles lines, etc., will report the competion's account. In...
IRELAND: The legal Cannabis revolution is only beginning. The 80+ years prohibition against its use is now ending and the tides are clearly turning. Despite being illegal for so long, more than 37 million people in the U.S. and millions more in Canad
Hershey Canada wants to be top of mind next time you get the marijuana munchies. The prolific candy-bar company is set to release the new 'Oh Henry! 4:25' - the candy-bar for 5 minutes after your 4:20 session. While Hershey has yet to reveal any plan
For the first time, farmers in the state of South Carolina can legally grow industrial hemp. It’s a plant that comes from the same species as marijuana, but with a much lower concentration of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol. There are a limited num
After granting two epileptic children temporary licenses to use CBD medicines, the U.K. is finally considering the rescheduling of marijuana. Legal medical cannabis may be coming to the U.K. at last, now that the recent story of an epileptic 12-year-
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied a request from an anti-legalization group to place marijuana and its derivatives on a list of restricted substances that are not "generally recognized as safe and effective." The move is "not nec
By Abby Drexler In a world that is constantly evolving, many new ways of treating medical issues are introduced every year. One method that has gained a strong following in the past 2 years is CBD oil, a material sourced from hemp that is known for h
Incredibly easy slow-cooker cannabis chili that will liven up any party. In a world increasingly crowded with new cannabis chefs and cookbooks, it’s good to have time-tested experts like Cheri Sicard, whose advice you can rely on. Known as “Cannabis
As of Monday, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission was considering 63 license applications that included all four of the required packets of information. Shrewd names like Jolly Green, The Headyco and Hothouse Holyoke. A batch of nearly 1,70
Vancouver-based company preparing dispensary staff to sell within the new legal framework. Deep inside Simon Fraser University's halls, in the Morris J Wosk Centre for dialogue, a lecture was taking place. There were students filling the seats, an ec
In the meantime, hemp advocates are working to make sure the Senate’s Farm Bill legalization language survives the bicameral conference committee that will merge both chamber’s bills into a single proposal to send to President Trump’s desk. Almost ev
 The VA Medical Cannabis Act of 2018 is not yet the law of the land. So what is the official VA policy on veterans using cannabis? DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: As more states consider authorizing the medical use of marijuana, there has been a growing number
It’s time to celebrate America’s birthday, so you know what that means: barbecue, beers, and buds. But not just any buds, this year—you should definitely celebrate the 4th of July by lighting up one of the many red/white/blue-themed strains gracing d
Banks in New York should feel free to open accounts for medical marijuana and hemp business without fear of being punished by state regulators, Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration said on Tuesday. Despite the fact that a growing number of states are m
A former Navy SEAL from the Chicago area is leading the push to decriminalize cannabis at the federal level in an effort to give war-ravaged service members access to pot-based treatments through the Veterans Health Administration. Nick Etten is a fa
By David Rheins So much attention is spent on the great progress that is being made on the East Coast, that we sometimes forget to acknowledge the truly historic changes that are transforming the country’s heartland.  As wise approach this Independen
Lakes, fields, beaches, and streams are just begging for use as summer heats up. Pack up a blanket, grab your toking essentials, and load up on all the infused goodies you can find for an outing fit for the memory books. Does your partner have a belo
When it comes to buying cannabis, there are a dozen different things to look for to get the best bud for your buck. As a general rule, when you enter a marijuana dispensary, flower products fall under one of three categories: low-, mid-, and top-shel
By Farmer Tom Lauerman I’m always looking for opportunities to preach the good word about cannabis, as part of my #TodayWeFarm campaign. So of course I said yes when I was asked to be a panelist on KOMO News as they hosted ‘Cannabis Boom or Bust Town
Emancipator, Mr. Carmack, Thomas Jack, and Sage The Gemini join Dirtybird Players CALIFORNIA: Deep in the heart of NorCal’s renowned Emerald Triangle lies the crown jewel of the West Coast festival camping circuit, Northern Nights Music Festival (NNM
Ever wonder what makes the perfect stoner restaurant? We’ve come up with a flawless rating system. It is an age-old dilemma we have all faced: the clock has rolled over to 2:30 a.m., you and your friends are high as sh*t, and the hunger starts to cre
CANADA: Isodiol International, a global CBD innovator specializing in hemp based health and wellness products, the development of pharmaceutical CBD delivery methods and the manufacturing of a pure, natural CBD as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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