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O.Berk is a 107 year old total solution provider that specializes in cannabis primary packaging solutions. We are not simply a distributor of primary packaging components. As a solution provider we work with customers early in the process to identify the most efficient packaging components for the given project and work to understand the product being packaged, any potential sensitivity, stability or compatibility requirements, and then source the packaging components to fit these exacting needs. At O.Berk, we have the infrastructure of a manufacturer with key functional areas such as: Package Engineering, Project Management, Lab & Regulatory Services, Quality Assurance, R&D and Packaging Development, Sourcing, Logistics, design/decoration team, Dedicated Customer Service and Sales teams by business unit. O.Berk specializes in the complexities in Cannabis Packaging industry and we are able to work with our clients from early stage all the way through the drug and packaging development cycles and supporting our customers through post launch phases.
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